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More Than Just a Dictionary, The Dictionary of Utah Fine Artists in Fine Art Connoisseur's Mar/Apr 2023 issueI remember when Vern Swanson called me and asked if he could ask me a few questions for a book he was co-writing. It was like talking to an old art friend when I had only met him once just briefly at a show in Salt Lake that I was in. He was in no rush to get the interview over and I sensed it was like this with all the artists he talked to. He was deeply interested in my work and what motivated me. At the time of our call, I was still in the process of finding my voice in art and I feel I have developed as an artist even further since the interview, but am delighted and honored to be listed among the 4,500 artists mentioned in this book. You can find me on pages 321-322. An article focused on this book is featured in Fine Art Connoisseur's current March/April 2023 issue.



In Peter Trippi's Letter to Colleagues about the issue he introduces the book:

"A team of experts has published The Dictionary of Utah Artists, an unprecedented 10-page volume providing fresh data on more than 4,500 talents associated with this art-minded state. Co-author Angela Swanson Jones reveals how the project came to exist and how it will impact our field."

In the article, Angela Swanson Jones describes the perfect storm that brought about this project:

"By telling the stories of individual artistic journeys over time, the authors have revealed why Utah enjoys the prominence it does within America's art world. Due to the pandemic lockdown, we found time to interview hundreds of artists and reveled in the opportunity to highlight the state's artistic endeavors, especially at an otherwise distressing moment when museums had closed and festivals were canceled.

Fortunately, art is back in Utah, and this book is a testament to its energy and staying power. We hope that you will purchase a copy, fan its pages with your thumb, and run your hands over the glossy paper. Some books are a delight not only to read but also to hold, and this is one of them." (Pg. 108).

You can find a copy of the issue of Fine Art Connoisseur HERE.

Dictionary of Utah Fine Artists can be purchased HERE.

You can view Peter Trippi's Letter to Colleagues (Editor-in-Cheif at Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine) about the issue mentioning The Dictionary of Utah Fine Artists HERE.

Page 321 in Dictionary of Utah Fine Artists listing Megan Schaugaard and a summary about her

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